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Say the right things to the right people in the right way…all the time

Karen Branson

"Our beta test experience with Phone Smart was most enlightening. Tracking our inquiries, listening to the call presentations and seeing how well we did our follow up, led us to make some changes. We found their service and commitment to our company invaluable. A good experience."

Ken Crowne

"PhoneSmart’s 7Methods team has expertise across thousands of calls each day and make their statistics undeniable. A tailored program, delivered with a mix of coaching and development AFTER the training person has hung up is what takes selling skills from good to GREAT. Second only to the right hire are the right tools for someone who wants to achieve often hasn't been enabled. These tactics are unfailingly productive and executed by precisely the right skill-set!"

Tron Jordheim

"I have been very pleased with the internal changes we have made since adopting the 7Methods approach. While crafting the service offerings, we have had to practice what we preach. Our own sales conversion rates at PhoneSmart and StorageMart have grown very nicely as a result of practicing the 7Methods systems. We have completely revamped some of our own sales processes as a result of what we learned and are getting great responses from the customers and prospects we talk to every day. If we are making great progress because we use what we are offering clients like you, what sort of progress might you experience?"

Change the course of your sales and customer service efforts with 7 Methods

Our 7 step approach provides the analysis and training you need to ensure growth, prosperity and success for your organization. 7 Methods transforms your business by bringing you these results:

  1. Improved sales conversion rates
  2. Increased customer satisfaction
  3. Improved employee morale
  4. Increased average lifetime customer value
  5. Decreasing costs of customer acquisition
  6. Improved revenue
  7. Increased organic marketing power
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